Supplements: Waste of Time or Investment?

I know when I started studying Nutrition, I really wanted to be a nutritionist who did not use supplements, but instead solely used the amazing power of food. Alas, the more I studied, the more I read, the more my romantic perspective that food should be enough for optimum health started to diminish.

Unfortunately, our food is getting less and less nutritious. Fields are depleted by overuse. Pesticides limit the action of beneficial microbes in the soil that help plants draw in nutrients. Fertilisers focus on certain key chemicals and don’t take into account all the trace minerals, organic components, or beneficial microbes that go into good nutrition. And genetically modified foods have made their way into our food supply when we don’t know how they may affect us in the long term.

Will you always recommend supplements to your clients?

No. Some clients can’t afford supplements and some people simply do not want to take them. I usually try and ensure a clients’ eating habits are optimal before introducing supplements, I always advocate a food-first approach.

There is a time and place for supplement, I use them for the below reasons:

  1. For deficiency states (i.e. Vitamin D through winter)

  2. Therapeutic usage (i.e. Antioxidants to quench free radical in the body)

  3. Optimum health. The governments Recommended Daily Amounts (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals is fundamentally flawed as this RDI only ensures and individuals is not deficient. The deficiency levels are MUCH lower than the OPTIMUM level. Also, RDIs are based on the ‘average’ person – who is average? Some individuals require more and other less – we cannot all be pigeon holed into having the same requirements.

Are all supplements manufactures the same?

No. There are a multitude of manufacturing processes that can

What supplements should I be on?

I recommend a text that I can show you

What brands do you recommend?

I use lots of different brands, some brands I like for 1 or 2 supplements and some I like their whole range. But depending on the dosage, manufacturing process and ingredients – will always depend on the supplements I choose. In general, I love Pukka, viridian, pure synergy and Terra Nova, renew life. I also love some of the blends that Nutri Advanced do…

My 5 top tips when taking supplements

  • Do not take supplements to prop-up a nutritionally deficient diet. The nutrients you get from foods will far surpass what you get from supplements

  • Buy good quality supplements – that are not full of binders and fillers as these can be more detrimental to your health in the long run.

  • Be careful you are not overdosing on supplements, particularly fat soluble vitamins and mineral as in large amounts they can become toxic.

  • Ensure you have checked that the supplements you are taking not not interact with each other or any drugs you are on. As I nutritional therapist I would check this for you. Alternatively, you could visit

  • If you have the finances (the test is about £700) then I recommend that you do a FULL NUTRIENT test as this can be really enlightening to see what deficiencies you may have – I use the Genova NutriEval test with my clients.

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