Results and Kind Words

Understandably not everyone feels comfortable leaving public reviews on Facebook, Instagram and Google (links in the top left). Fortunately, some of my clients did, so please have a look there. For some anonymous reviews, please look below: 

'Rosie is magic! I started working with Rosie to improve my energy levels and to make sure I was getting all the right nutrition as a new Vegetarian! During our initial chat it came up that I only had 3 or 4 periods a year which had always been a bit of a worry but that was just how thought my body worked and that was that. I still cannot believe that since starting my new diet I have had a period every single month!

I am an all or nothing person but have come away with the knowledge of how to nourish my body and Rosie has given me the tools to kick start my butt back into healthy eating when I fall off the wagon. She's amazing and I can't recommend her enough!'

Sorcha Herbert



'I had read testimonials from other women who had been to see Rosie and I had watched her posts/videos about balancing female hormones, managing stress etc and instantly felt that she would be able to help me with my issues. Through my teens and twenties I had been on the contraceptive pill but after 3 years of being off the pill I was feeling heaps better, especially my mental health. However I did have an issue with managing my mood swings and PMS symptoms. I also had a shorter than normal Luteal phase in my cycle and had read that it was possibly to increase this with the support of nutrition which instantly appealed to me. My other issue was that I had always had a problem with Candida, suffering regular bouts of thrush and I wanted to work on how to manage this. As a lot of these issues are quite personal it is important for me to say how unbelievably comfortable and relaxed Rosie made me feel, she has such a wonderful energy that meant I instantly felt at ease! Her incredible knowledge and passion for what she does was evident from the get go and she gave me some really practical and good advise about how I could work on the Issues I was having. After our consultation Rosie designed me a

Personalised plan that was emailed to me, it was so helpful and I stuck to it! Now a few months down the line, I can honestly say there have been some great improvements, I haven't had a single episode of thrush, I'm much less bloated, my  PMS symptoms are settling, my periods are less painful/not feeling so anxious/not having as many extreme mood swings! And the length of my luteal phase has increased! To see these changes after a relatively short amount of time is amazing! Rosie's guidance and advise made me feel very empowered to take control over the issues I was having and to take steps to make a positive change! And I feel so much better for it! So I would like to say a huge thank you Rosie!'

'Rosie was a calming, positive person who came along at just the right time for me. Instead of fixating on ovulation dates and my cycle, which can get very consuming, suddenly I had the much more gratifying and positive focus of maximising my health. Rosie was empathetic, realistic, pragmatic, and kind. Just what I needed.

Well, I got pregnant! And though I went to see Rosie about fertility, the effects were far reaching. Hormones impact on so many critical aspects of life that through tackling my diet and rebalancing my body, I was able to improve my sleep, regulate my mood and eliminate a near constant cold. Poor sleep and a rubbish immune system were two things that I thought were innate within my nature. Rosie showed me that didn't have to be the case.'



'I came to Rosie with some rather specific symptoms that I wanted help understanding, immediately it became apparent that Rosie had the knowledge and abilities to help me with these. Through face to face Skype consultations and a very extensive and well tailored plan, she managed to come up with some realistic and achievable changes that I can make that will hopefully make a difference to my symptoms. I can not recommend Rosie enough, she is kind, approachable, professional and sincere. I can not wait to put her plan into action and see what the outcome will be! Thank you Rosie!!'




'Rosie was so lovely to work with. It surprised me how difficult the coaching side of things would be for me, but she was supportive and professional the whole way through - always listening and always on the other end of a WhatsApp! She was super flexible when it came to fitting in with my hectic work life, and allowed me space to take a couple of steps back when that inevitably happened! 


I now have so much more knowledge with regards to my diet, and I am managing my relationship with food much better. Even though I still struggle to maintain a constant balance, I am equipped with the information I need to feel as healthy as possible - physically and mentally. '


Georgina's Testimonial

I started work with Rosie as I had IBS, really badly (to the extent I'd be scared to go on public transport...just in case). I had been to the Doctors lots and they said there was nothing else going on like being coeliac etc and just said it was general ISB and wasn't really much they could do. If I'm honest I started working with Rosie not that hopeful of improvement but also desperate at the same time.

Working with Rosie was great as she explained things in a way I understood and without lots of big words. I am happy to say that a year later my symptoms are LOADS better (it doesn’t control my life now) and I'm just about to do the supplement regime and Keto diet again for another month or so to keep my symptoms at bay.

Rosie explained that with SIBO it's hard to get rid of it, so doing an annual SIBO cleanse will probably be the best option for me. Oh and did I also mention - I lost lots of weight (see picture) as did my fiancé who was doing it with me and we both feel so much more knowledgeable about food now!

Megan's Testimonial 
  1. What was your situation like before we started working together?


Before working together I had been getting cystic acne across my cheeks for about a year. I had never had cystic acne before - not even as a teenager - and it was slowly taking over my entire cheeks and beginning to spread to my chin. What was worse was that my skin was scarring very easily, I was always tired, moody and unbalanced, and I had related (although the relation to my acne was unbeknown to me at the time) gut issues. This was all affecting my physical and mental health but also my confidence. Thinking that I was already eating and leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle I was considering taking medication which had a list of nasty side effects. *enter Rosie* 

2.What reservations (if any) did you have about working together?


Having researched a lot on the internet about both western medication and holistic nutrition methods of healing acne I decided that holistic was worth a try - especially as it didn't come with a list of nasty side effects. The reservations that I had were to do with the holistic approach 1) believing that it was actually possible to heal myself from the inside out 2) that there was an apparent 'lack' of scientific evidence to support acne - which actually turned out to be a case of not looking in the right place! 3) That this seemed much lengthier and more difficult a process than taking a tablet a day. 


3. What was the process of working with me like?

Rosie made the entire process incredibly comfortable. I felt I could talk about hormones and poo without there being any awkwardness. She explained complex bodily processes simply but with enough detail that I knew that she knew what was happening. She also sent me tonnes of links to articles and recipes. She also always responded quickly to emails and was available for check-ins. 

4. What was the one best result you have got from working with me?


The best result hands down is the total reduction in cysts on my cheeks and limited breakouts on my chin (which now seem to happen monthly). Overall I've developed a whole new relationship with food and whole new understanding of my body and what does and doesn't work for me.