Rosie Life Nutrition Masterclasses

I love studying Naturopathic Nutrition, and I want to pass on some of the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to learn over the past few years. The nutrition talks will be short, fun and based on scientific research. The primary aim of my talks is to try and demystify the complex and contradictory world of nutrition. 
These sessions are free for Factory Gym members and £10 (plus booking fee) for the general public. All of the talks will be held at the Factory Gym, Hornsey Road, London (N19). 
For more information and to book, please click on the below sessions: 
Detox and Reenergise: 19th January 2017, 8.10pm-9.30pm
Essential Oils for Everyday Health: 16th February 2017, 8.10pm-9.30pm
Macro Nutrients For Health: 16th March 2017, 8.10pm-9.30pm
Optimum Gut Health: 13th April 2017, 8.10pm-9.30pm
Micro Nutrients for Health:  18th May 2017, 8.10pm-9.30pm