Low Libido

Having sex with someone you lust after or love is one of the best things in life! However, in an increasingly busy, hectic world where women are under more and more pressure from work, family and home life, some of the most simple pleasures in life can disappear. 

So, firstly, why might you have low libido:

  • Low self-esteem/ poor self-image 

  • You do not know your own body and 

  • Never had ‘good’ sex, rather just this porn-fuelled version of sex 

  • You are not attracted to your lover – you should always love their natural scent. 

  • Stressed and tired all of the time 

  • Hormonal imbalance (i.e. hypothyroid) 

Let’s be clear, as a nutritional therapist there are areas that I would class as ‘outside of my scope’ of practice. The top three points above I would class as out of scope and if someone came to me wanting nutritional advice for these areas, I would suggest that seeing a counsellor or sex therapist might be a more fruitful option. 

However, sometimes the root-cause of a women’s low libido can be down to factors that can be supported by a nutritional therapist i.e. stressed/tired and hormonal imbalance. If you think it might be due to one of these reasons and think you might benefit from seeing a nutritional therapist to support your low libido, ladies do not feel ashamed or embarrassed…


If you would like to discuss, how I could help you with your libido – please contact me below. Everyone is welcome to a complimentary 20-minute call to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy would benefit them. 

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