Finding more nutritional dense alternatives to your everyday staples is one of the key steps towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle. One of the most common staples in the west in undoubtedly bread – it’s a cheap ‘filler’ but unfortunately does not provide much nutritional value. 


Since industrialisation, wheat has dramatically changed – it is now often genetically modified, covered in pesticides/ herbicides and the gluten molecules are bigger than ever – you can read a great summary of the history of wheat here.

So I recommend you cast modern wheat aside and replace it with ancient grains including spelt and kumut, many artisan bakeries sell bread made from these ancient grains.


Alternatively, if like me you would prefer a low-carb (high fat) option to enjoy on an everyday basis – then you can make a lovely bread substitute where the ‘flour’ is made from a mixture of almond meal, flaxseeds, psyllium husks and chia seeds. I often mix and match what I put in my bread on a weekly basis, sometimes I might add mixed herbs, sundried tomatoes or nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour. The below 5 recipes are the best that I have found, since my crusade for finding the perfect nutritionally dense bread loaf – so give them a try and let me know what you think!


Psyllium-Flax Bread


Psyllium and Nut Loaf


Flaxseed Buns


Almond Flour Rosemary and Thyme Loaf


Coconut and Psyllium Flatbread


Nutritional 2-pennies: I have found (personally and in clinic) that psyllium is GREAT for constipation and diarrhea, as it’s naturally high in fibre. I consider it as a great all round ‘bowel modulator’. In my experience, fibre is one of the most underrated nutrients – I often advise my clients to try and achieve 30-40g of fibre a day…this is only achievable on a whole-food diet and still often a boost of either psyllium, flax or chia is needed to boost your amounts up. 


Many people take a couple of tsp of psyllium in water as a supplement, however it is great in breads/ puddings (so I prefer to use it this way).

Low-Carb Bread Options