Public Speaking and Corporate Nutrition 

Rosie’s worked in Corporate HR for over 5 years (including Mars, Fujitsu and Teach First), until she decided to follow her passion for individual health and nutrition. Rosie is passionate about educating individuals about how they can improve their wellbeing through healthy and tasty food.

According to NICE (2016) absenteeism costs the economy (and organisations) over 15 Billion pounds a year! health and happiness of employees has been profoundly affected over the last three decades primarily by changes in technology and therefore changes to the business and working environment.

Longer working hours, more stress, less time for breaks and the general increased expectations that employers have of their employees brings with it a very real ability for an individual’s work to profoundly affect their health, and in turn, for their health to profoundly affect their work.

It is now well understood that that a fit, healthy, happy workforce can help to improve the health and wellbeing of a business, ultimately impacting on its and its employees future development and success.


This can achieved in a number of ways including for example:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved presenteeism

  • Lower company health insurance premiums

  • Improved morale

  • Better motivation

  • Improved company loyalty

It takes a forward looking organisation to extend their corporate concerns to taking active, meaningful and measurable steps to promote the health and happiness of their own workforce – and this is especially so when it comes to encouraging improvement their nutritional wellbeing.

While everyone’s health is ultimately ‘their own business’, educating your employees about a more nutritious way of eating is undoubtedly going to positively impact the individual and the origination as a whole.

Rosie offers:

  • Breakfast and lunchtime seminars

  • Fun team days

  • Larger lecture style presentations

  • Half or full day training sessions

  • Off-site healthy cooking classes

Subjects covered include, as examples:

  • How to maintain energy levels and concentration throughout the whole day

  • Eating to reduce stress and boost immunity

  • Eating to reduce cholesterol

  • Weight management

Rosie style is educational, interactive and fun.

Cost for originations within Manchester: 

1-hour presentation (lecture style - no maximum amount of attendees): £300 

Half-day workshop (10 people or less): £500 

Full-day workshop (10 people or less): £700 

*For organisations outside of Manchester, travel costs will be added. 

Feedback from attendees of previous health talks:

'I particularly liked the way you presented to us on a ‘normal’ level. I find that quite a few people that are educated in this area can come across as a ‘know-it-all’ and tell you that you SHOULD be doing this and if you aren’t then you’re doing it wrong etc. However you understood that it can be hard for everyone to always be natural/healthy and that you didn’t know everything and as much as most of it is fact, it is also your opinion too.' - Charlotte, Total Media

'Thank you for a great session: you were a great speaker, clear, concise and to the point.' - Maddie, Total Media

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