Health Coaching For Women 

Since graduating as a Nutritional Therapist my focus has been on deepening my knowledge of nutrition, female hormones, fertility, testing and supplements. I have gone DEEP. I have gone into the research rabbit hole for hours and will continue to research so I can give my clients the best possible advice. Clients need my expertise and knowledge. That said, sometimes above all else they need to tap into their OWN KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.


There are some areas of health that my clients ALREADY KNOW and some aspects of their life ONLY THEY KNOW and can CHANGE. For example:


I KNOW I need to drink more water!

I KNOW I need to prioritise rest!

I KNOW I need to eat more mindfully!


They KNOW but they are not happening. They are blocked, they are confused, their head is in a muddle. 


‘What actually do I want?’


‘For years I have been counting calories, I am scared to stop!’ 


‘There is no point giving me nutrition advice, I will always be fat!’ 


‘I just need to know what foods are GOOD and BAD’


‘Do I even want a baby?’ 


‘I will never be good enough’


‘I am scared to change too much!’ 


‘I need my nutritional protocol to hard, otherwise I do not deserve to feel better!’ 


The list goes on. …


This is where HEALTH COACHING comes in. 


I help women rediscover WHO they really are and WHAT they REALLY WANT. I will challenge any deep-rooted limiting beliefs, be your reflective voice, listen deep, hold space for you and ultimately set you free. 


What will we do:


  • We will plan a road-map for what you actually want 

  • Discover your limiting belief and set new beliefs 

  • Challenge your thoughts, beliefs and emotions 

  • Begin new habits that are aligned to your own desires

  • Decide where you want to focus your energy 

  • Discover how you really can live the life you want to, in the way you want to lead it. 


Mind-set is so important when it comes to lasting change and health, but the emotional health is often disregarded. This work can be challenging and liberating all at once. Health coaching isn’t complex (although it can be challenging!), but do not let its simplicity make you think it isn’t super effective, it is! 


If you are serious about fast-tracking your health, whether to support hormone balancing, your fertility or general health, I love coaching women to be their best selves and working with women who are ready to put in the work and the play. Sometimes coaching can be hard, messy as well as playful and fun – and everything in-between. 


Meet-me as a coach:


For years I have had a fascination with human behaviour. This fascination led me to doing a Human Resources Degree, Coaching Managers in the corporate world, coaching weight-loss groups in the NHS and coaching my own private clients. I am qualified in personality profiling (Myers-Briggs).


I love supporting clients to uncover what they really want from life and seeing peoples’ limiting belief change into a more abundant mind-set. I love helping women see they can be human-being not human-doings - constantly on the go. I love helping women uncover their self-worth, self-esteem and ultimately fall in love with themselves. 


 My 121 Coaching services: 


Like all of my services, it will start with a 20-minute DISCOVERY CALL, this is a chance to have a chat, for me to understand what you are looking for and for me to explain a bit more about how I work and what I can offer you. 


One-off coaching session 90-minutes (£60) – once we have had a discovery call if you would like a teaser before you invest in a package, I totally understand. This is a chance to experience coaching with me in a short session, without investing in a full course. Sometimes coaching can be hard to explain, especially if you have never had a coach, so why not get a glimpse into what is to come and the art of the possible. 


6 x Coaching Sessions, the first one will be 90 minutes and then 1 hour after that (£300) – this is for women who are ready to make a change and invest time, energy and money into their emotional health and new way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Get ready for a more abundant you! The coaching sessions can be spread across a timeframe that suits you, within a 6-month period.